Negotiations continue on revised CBA

No deal is done until it’s done, and the deal between the NFL and the NFL Players Association regarding the parameters for pro football in a pandemic still isn’t done.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, negotiations continue regarding the precise language of the final document, with terms supposedly settled nine days ago still in play.

Most significantly, the NFL does indeed want to shorten the window for opting out from the agreed duration of seven days after the finalization of the agreement revising the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If, however, the NFL Players Association agrees to that term, it will do so only in exchange for other concessions from the league.

It’s for NFLPA leadership to decide whether to change the term at all. Many players would likely prefer the current agreement. Depending on what the union gets in return for agreeing to a deadline that, frankly, would be arriving tomorrow if the two sides had gotten the paperwork done as quickly as expected, allowing the deadline to move from a week after execution of the agreement to Tuesday or Wednesday of this week could be useful for the players.

Without knowing exactly what the NFL gives up for getting a shorter opt-out deadline, it’s impossible to evaluate that specific wrinkle to the broader transaction. Regardless, the negotiations continue — and there will be no final deal until signatures are placed on the last version of the document.