After impassioned speech, AOC’s ban on US military recruiting via Twitch fails House vote

An amendment proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that would ban the US military from recruiting on Twitch failed a House vote Thursday evening. Had it passed, it would have been an amendment to the House Committee on Appropriations bill, which is part of the process in how the Pentagon’s annual budget is set. Ocasio-Cortez […]


Growers and producers at odds in France’s ‘champagne wars’

In the champagne vineyards of France, the season of ripening, plumping and sweetening of the grapes ready for harvesting at the end of August, known as the veraison, has begun. Maxime Toubart, a relatively small vigneron who produces 25,000 bottles of bubbly from the 12-acre maison founded by his great-grandparents in 1900, has been cultivating […]


Devin McCourty: “BS” that the league wants to change opt-out deadline

The NFL reportedly wants to change the deadline for opting out from seven days after the revised CBA is finalized (it still hasn’t been signed) to Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty doesn’t like that possibility one bit. “It’s an absolute joke that the NFL is changing the opt-out period, […]


USDA issues health alert for frozen taquitos and chimichangas that may contain plastic, posing choking hazard

Several kinds of frozen beef and chicken taquitos and chimicangas are included in a new public health alert because they may contain plastic. The Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service issued the alert Saturday for ready-to-eat products that contain “diced green chilies that have been recalled by the producer, Sun Valley Foods, due […]


Lockdown savings push UK millennials into stock markets

LONDON, August 3 The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a spike in investment among Britons, with millennials leading the way as they turn increasingly to the stock market. The crisis pushed UK household consumption down by a record 9.5 billion pounds ($12.5 billion) in the first quarter as spending on restaurants, clothes and cars plummeted, […]


Microsoft’s Edge browser was crashing if you had Google set as default search

Microsoft’s new Edge browser started randomly crashing when users typed into the address bar tonight. The issues appear to have affected Edge users who had selected Google as the default search engine. Microsoft investigated the problem and now says it’s believed to have been resolved. The Microsoft Edge crashes started at around 7PM ET, and […]


Ban SUV adverts to meet UK climate goals, report urges

Advertising of sports utility vehicles, which emit more greenhouse gases than other cars, should be banned so the UK can meet its climate goals, a report has said. The large increase in numbers of SUVs in the UK and around the world is the second-largest contributor to the increase in global emissions since 2010, according […]